My Intro to this Blogging Thing

I’d like to thank the practice of yoga for not only inspiring this blog, but also nurturing my soul. What it has led me to challenge and learn about myself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level is above and beyond what I ever expected when I found the practice. For the record, the first yoga class I ever thought was “really cool” was taught by Vanessa Van Noy (@vanessa_vannoy) at the Atlantic Club in Red Bank, many years ago. As I gravitated over to a hot practice, finding new therapy in the purification of the body through so much sweat, my love and dedication for this centuries-old practice was solidified. I’m grateful to my hard-working husband, who together with my three daughters have supported and encouraged my desire to train and ultimately teach. Since I’ve added that layer to my love affair with yoga, I’m finding that once again there is new therapy.

Yoga has become one of few things for which I feel a true passion, a burning desire to pursue. As I expanded my practice and knowledge, hopefully helping some people along the way, I expanded my yoga community and, very happy to add, my friendship circle. It is through the inspiration of my fellow teachers, namely Ann Yocum of Colts Neck Hot Yoga ( who trained me so lovingly, as well as Jen Portman of Synergy Hot Yoga ( and Ginna Turnamian of Hot And Soul Yoga ( who have had faith to add me to their teams, students and amazing Instagram yogis Amelia Travis (@stoked_yogi), Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga), Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl), and of course rock star Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) that I have reignited a decades-long desire to write.

I’ve been asked many questions about yoga, from weight loss benefits to how it can improve or enhance performance in other fitness areas, but it wasn’t until Melissa Lawrence of brought up the consideration of how yoga has helped me as a mom that I thought to write about it. Thank you, Melissa, for being a true catalyst for something that has had soul-nurturing benefits like none I’ve seen since I found yoga.

I have a number of other interests besides yoga, from fashion to music to food, and I’m sure they will make appearances here. But for now it is yoga taking center stage. I can even credit yoga with helping me find a title for this blog…as a verb, “muse” means to meditate on or comment thoughtfully. And as a noun, “muse” is a source of inspiration or creativity. I hope that writing about how yoga has influenced my life will first interest people and secondly help others discover what truly nourishes their souls. At the very least maybe I’ll get one new person to try yoga.

It’s all possible.



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