Heads or Tails?

“Two sides, but only one coin,” is a phrase I heard in a class a few weeks ago, and something that has bounced around my brain every day since. What does it mean? More specifically, what does it mean for me? I’ve never been much of a “black or white” kind of thinker, but rather embrace, appreciate and even take comfort in life’s many shades of gray. After all, no two people, no two sets of circumstances, no two situations are ever quite the same. Recognition of variables enables me to live a life (nearly) free of judging others, as well as free from caring who judges me. I’ve always found this to be a good, healthy approach. So why has this phrase stuck with me?

It wasn’t until last weekend when I was lucky enough to attend a “Strong and Bendy” workshop with Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl for all of you Instagram users) that it clicked. It felt like no coincidence that Kerri used this analogy to describe how and what we as students might take away from her class. Would I take her instruction, tips and tools and apply them to my own practice or just be grateful for the opportunity to have been taught by her for a few hours? There was no label or judgement attached to that question, merely a “heads or tails” nugget of thought. Not only did it almost immediately allow me to rectify some long-standing questions in my personal life, but it also challenged me to ask what kind of person I wanted to be. Am I a person of being or a person of doing?

I signed up for Kerri’s workshop in part because I wanted to meet one of my favorite social media celebrity yogis, but even more because I wanted to learn from her. I wanted to gain advice and guidance that I could apply to my physical practice and make measurable changes. But one does not gain results without discipline and effort. Can I commit to change? I’m pleased to say that I can and I have applied many of Kerri’s tips to increase strength and flexibility every day since her class, and I already see changes. In beautiful fashion and in line with why I started this blog, what I learned on my mat that day has rippled to my life off of it. While I know I will still be a “fifty shades” kind of thinker, the challenge to approach life as one coin with two sides has helped motivate me to make decisions about what I want my future to look like. I will cultivate the life I want to lead. So can you.

It’s all possible.

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