Peace of Mind? Piece of Cake!

New Year’s Day and my birthday occur within days of each other. While these annual anniversaries don’t necessarily prompt me to adopt a new set of resolutions, it is a time which evokes pause and reflection. What did I gain in 2015? What did I lose? What will I bring into a new year of life…and what will I leave behind?

For what felt like a long time, a yoga studio (the hotter the better) was the only place I found peace. The ability to take that peace off the mat with me took just as long, and it has been a very gradual progression. I slowly expanded my horizons, taking classes at non-hot studios, taking my practice outdoors, spending more time on my mat at home in first asana, then meditation. My comfort zone was growing, but peace still remained synonymous with yoga.

When prompted to reflect rather than resolve I realized that what was once only found on the mat has had a far-reaching impact on the rest of my life. Over the course of the last year I deepened many existing friendships and also gained a number of rewarding new ones. I became more career-focused and found a new level of family focus. I made peace with others and peace with myself. I made peace with my triumphs and peace with my missteps. I strive for peace throughout the ebb and flow. Life is sometimes a rocky road, sometimes easy street, and there are countless paths between. Just as I’ve grown to find in my yoga practice, I have peace amidst fluctuation. I made peace with the past and peace with the future. I have peace in the present, and living in the moment has been one of the greatest gifts of yoga. Happy Birthday to me!

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