My Drawer Runneth Over

One (of MANY) things that has kept me from blogging the last few weeks is a commitment to clean out my closet and all of my drawers. For those who know me and my shopping habits, this is a monumental task. Naturally I began with my yoga clothes, which are rapidly taking over the majority of my clothing population. Much to my frustration, I haven’t gotten very far since…but beginning the clean out process has given me quite a bit of food for thought. For example:

What is this process teaching me about simplification? And as I work towards de-cluttering the rest of our house, what does that mean for other areas of my life?

I expect those answers will come in time as I chip away at this enormous project. Until then, it’s taught me that I have A LOT of yoga pants. More importantly (and most gratefully!), I’ve learned just how omnipresent my yoga practice has become.

It’s all possible.

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