Walk the Dog…or Work on My Blog?


My poor blog gets no love. For lack of a better term, it has become the “red-headed stepchild” in my life. I am currently training towards not just one, but TWO additional certification programs. Combined with my semi-heavy teaching schedule and raising three active kids (and one furry little girl), there has simply not been time to think…forget about writing.

I’m still musing though. Some days are more demanding than others and that musing is in the form of a question: Have I taken on too much? Any busy parent has surely wondered the same thing at one time or another. Today I had a really great response from a new student. The parent called to tell me how much my first and only session so far has helped her child…already…only 45 minutes…results inside of a week. It solidified my belief that what I’m working on has value and importance, for student and teacher (I am joyfully and proudly both).

The fact remains that something(s) have to take a back seat, and what that is can change daily. Overall it’s my desire to write which has been placed on a back burner for now. I swear I’m not “doggin’ it,” rather I am confident when I can return to a more regular and consistent post schedule, it will be with a wider base of knowledge and experience which I can’t wait to share.

Now I have to go see what the dog ate while I wrote this.

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