See with your Eye


My intuition is at a stand still. And that’s ok.

The sixth chakra, subject of a recent practice guided by the wonderful Vanessa Van Noy, represents our intuition, and as one definition suggests, “our ability to focus on and see the big picture.” We placed our foreheads on blocks in child’s pose, in order to increase the pressure and awareness of touch to the third eye. Vanessa asked that we breathe into, and out of that space, a space that, for me, became a processing station for what the other senses absorb.

Many of my actions are governed by the intellect’s analysis, others guided by the emotion’s sentimentality. Intuition strikes a balance between leading with your head and leading with your heart. Depending on the situation, basing decisions largely on one or the other might make sense. But when I reach an impasse, I need my intuition to break through.

I live daily with many unanswered questions, some asked by my head, others asked by my heart, some asked from outside of myself. The search for answers, comfort, direction, guidance, explanation, validation is constant. Encouraged to go within and connect with that third eye, my intuition said, “I’m sorry. I don’t have the answers right now,” an acknowledgment that brought almost instant peace and calm.  Maybe there are no answers. Or maybe I don’t need them. My mind understands and my heart trusts in what my eye sees. In this moment, things are as they should be. Thank you Vanessa-teacher, mentor, friend-for awakening something that wasn’t exactly dormant, just quiet.

And more often than not, quiet is good.


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