A Yoga Alliance 200-hour registered yoga instructor, I was trained by Ann Yocum at Colts Neck Hot Yoga and certified in February 2014. Always active in various sports and fitness, I found hot yoga about a year after having my third child and became instantly hooked. Inspired by so many of my teachers and motivated to deepen and improve my own practice, I had the good fortune and opportunity to pursue a training program. After spending the last 13+ years as a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful daughters, it felt like a perfect fit and transition to something for which I’ve developed such a deep connection. A practitioner of many forms, I primarily teach the Hot 26 series. What draws me most to the series is the gift of observation. To step on the mat and practice the same sequence of poses each class, in the same order and in the same environmental conditions, yet encounter so many differences in the body and mind, really enables a student to appreciate and recognize the importance of living in the moment. In Fall 2015 I also started teaching children’s classes, one for school-age kids and another for teens. One of my goals is to pursue the benefits of yoga for teenage athletes. If someone told me two years ago that I would have turned my love and passion for yoga into a job at my beloved local studio I would not have believed it. Yoga has been such a gift in my life-mind, body and spirit-and I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others find how yoga can enhance their lives on and off the mat.

Encouraged by family and friends to start a blog many years ago, it was not until after completing my teacher training that I discovered yoga not only as a goal to maintain a healthy mind and body, but also as a vehicle of expression. When I am not teaching or practicing, I keep busy caring for my family. With whatever time is left I enjoy listening to music, knitting and cooking.

Finally a big shout of gratitude and deepest thanks to my husband and daughters for encouraging me, supporting me, and enabling me to live a dream I never knew I had.

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