See with your Eye

My intuition is at a stand still. And that’s ok. The sixth chakra, subject of a recent practice guided by the wonderful Vanessa Van Noy, represents our intuition, and as one definition suggests, “our ability to focus on and see the big picture.” We placed our foreheads on blocks in child’s pose, in order to increase the … More See with your Eye

RIP Glenn Frey

Words like “snowstorm”, “blizzard” and “nor’easter” typically fill me with dread.  How many inches will fall? How many extra calories will I consume? How long before cabin fever sets in? Given studio closures as a result of the first Jersey shore blizzard of 2016, I anticipated a home practice. How I moved through that practice was … More RIP Glenn Frey

Banking on my Breath

Making a resolution? Stating a new intention? Changing some habits? Establishing goals? Reset. Start over. Wipe the slate clean. The new year is a great opportunity for all of these things. For those in need of an official “starting line”, now is your time. However, if you’re like me, adopting change in conjunction with a specific … More Banking on my Breath


Generally speaking, Monday morning is not the strongest practice of my week. Occasionally I spring out of bed on Mondays, energetic and ready to face the day. But more often than not, I pull the covers over my head, hit that snooze button “just one more time” and hide from all that lies ahead once my feet … More Surprise!

Heads or Tails?

“Two sides, but only one coin,” is a phrase I heard in a class a few weeks ago, and something that has bounced around my brain every day since. What does it mean? More specifically, what does it mean for me? I’ve never been much of a “black or white” kind of thinker, but rather … More Heads or Tails?